8 Stunning One-of-a-Kind Bridal Shower Ideas

8 Stunning One-of-a-Kind Bridal Shower Ideas

April Showers are here – especially for the soon-to-be brides! We hope you’ll enjoy these one-of-a-kind bridal shower ideas for the one-of-a-kind bride.

1. Sweet and Spicy
This simple idea
from 100 Layer Cake is so creative and fun, and can be applied in hundreds of ways. Use a ‘Sweet and Spicy’ theme for food (sugary treats and spicy appetizers), colors (sweet pink and spicy orange), decor, games (try an ‘are you spicy or sweet’ quiz), and stationary for all the perfect pairings. For an extra special touch, invite guests to wear either sweet pink or spicy red so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Sweet and Spicy Bridal Shower Idea

2. Enjoy the Outdoors
For spring and summer soirees, a beautiful outdoor setting can instantly set the stage for a fresh, fun, and delightful gathering. Think flowers, light fare, and garden or cottage decor for an afternoon to remember.

Note: Throwing a bridal shower in the bride or a bridesmaid’s backyard is an especially cozy and affordable option – though you should make sure to have a tent or indoor space for backup in the event of another kind of shower!

Outdoor garden bridal shower party idea

Breathe in this beautiful outdoor inspiration from Forget Me Knot Weddings and 100 Layer Cake.

3. Spread the Love
For a bride who is not in need of traditional home or bridal shower gifts (she has it all!), or for a bride who is passionate about a particular cause, a charity shower can be an inspiring and meaningful event. Invite guests to bring donations to benefit the couple’s favorite charity rather than gifts. Donations can be in the form of food, clothing, cash, or other items. Favors can also be in the form of donations to the charity, each made in a guest’s name.

4. Flower Power

Bring an assortment of flowers and the girls together to make not only the shower, but also the big day, picture perfect. Create handmade, individualized, and beautiful bouquets together. Local florists often offer in-home lessons, which teach simple floral design techniques and assembly, or simply let a design-savvy bridesmaid take the lead!

For our New York friends, we love this example on 100 Layer Cake by Blossom and Branch, which incorporates inexpensive Bodega flowers with stunning results.

5. Make it POP

Make it Pop Bridal Shower Party Idea

For the bride who loves to cook (or the one who would love to learn!) a cooking or baking party is a deliciously fun way to celebrate. Desserts such as these cake pops are not only easy to make, but you can easily divide up the assembly so there are never too many cooks in the kitchen. The end result is not only an unforgettable and enjoyable party, but also unique and beautiful wedding favors. Plan on making a few extras as a sweet treat for shower guests too!

6. Bring in the Boys

Couple Bridal Shower Party Idea

This would be referring to those fully-clothed guys near and dear to the ladies’ hearts. For a bride that’s not only head-over-heels for her man, but is constantly hand-in-hand (and whose group of friends consist entirely of couples as well), a couple’s shower can be a fun way to mutually share the joy for everyone involved.

Check out this example from Brooklyn Bride for an example of how a party’s decor can be beautifully gender-neutral.

7. Wine and Dine
A wine tasting party, paired with fine cheese and chocolates, is surely a match made in heaven. Reserve a room in a favorite restaurant, meet up at a wine bar, or invite the ladies to dress up for a decadent evening in someone’s home. For the adventurous wine lovers who have the good fortune to live near wineries, you can also organize a wine tasting tour and spend the day roaming the countryside. Many states have local wineries that you may not be aware of, and are an area’s best kept secret.

For gifts, ask guests to bring their favorite bottle of liquor or wine for the couple. This is perfect for couples who already have home goods sorted out, but would appreciate some help filling out their liquor cabinet. The plus for guests, is that the couple will be more inclined to entertain again and invite them along!

8. Step it Up
Before the walk down the aisle, plan on a run! For the bride who loves to get her heart rate up, or who’s looking for a way to release some wedding stress, a 5K or road race is a fantastic way to get the girls together and take part in something as a team before the wedding. It’s also great motivation for anyone looking to get in shape before the big day.  And for guests that aren’t runners, a 5K or shorter race can also be enjoyed as a walk.

Looking for more ideas? We also love these 5 unique bridal shower themes from Real Simple.

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